• XPREZ culture is based on a sensitivity towards the hopes & aspirations of the people with whom we communicate … and an understanding of the forces which motivate them.
  • XPREZ believe that people become motivated, when you involve them & guide them to the source of their own power … and when you make ‘heroes’ out of those who best personify what you wish to cherish.
  • Challenging questions are a ‘given’ … XPREZ believe that curiosity, persistence, resilience and ‘the pursuit of failure’ is the launch pad of success … AND if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing with total commitment!
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  • Bringing people together,
    to share the same experience …
    is still the best way of connecting people
    with your strategy.

  • XPREZ produce extraordinary live events …
    and communicate in ways
    which reach out to
    both the heart & the mind.

  • Together, we can …
    Inspire People & Performance
    and develop more harmonious,
    more connected relationships.

  • Great leaders ‘collaborate’ & ‘influence’.
    We help them communicate in rigorous ways,
    aligning corporate culture with strategic priorities,
    to achieve greater business success.

  • XPREZ are conference & event specialists …
    with the insight, capability & technical services
    to create, manage & deliver any scale of event,
    anywhere, anytime, for any audience.

  • Active-Involvement is beyond ‘engagement’
    It is built on a visible leadership,
    a mentoring heart, organisational integrity
    and the encouragement of ‘Voice’.

  • EventMap©: is our unique, proven
    Structured Planning Tool & Process.
    It establishes buy-in + a coherent structure
    + a measurable framework + maximises ROI

EASY TO SAY... but how do we achieve it?

Culture & Values

  • Fresh Ideas
  • Sound Theories
  • Economy of Time
  • Flexibility & Agility
  • Curiosity & Experimentation
  • Measurement of Outcomes

Buy In

  • Collaborative & Co-creative
  • ‘Participants’, not Spectators
  • Immersive, shared experience
  • Cognitive+Rational+Emotional
  • Sticky messages
  • Activate ‘waves of change’

Profound Understanding

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we need to get to?
  • Who is on-board?
  • Who is not?
  • Map & Identify the gaps.
  • How will we recognise success?



• Sets precise objectives & measurement framework

• Investigates audience mindset & expectations

• Tests innovative ideas / approaches for relevancy

• Provides a coherent, consistent structure


• Lateral Thinking: Anything is possible!

• HOW can we do more, more effectively? (to give you a bigger bang for your bucks?)

• Fresh, imaginative ‘sticky’ solutions

• Knowledge & Experience in wide range of media

Creative Thinking:

• Working with you, effectively, as ONE team (to reveal relevant content / messages)

• Lively debate / Openness / Curious / Fun

• Practical … in terms of Time & Budget

• Objectives translated into simple messages

Content Creation:

• Free use of ‘Live!’ collaborative FactFind Database

• Best added-value deals & ‘back-to-back’ discounts.

• Mainstream and some pretty ‘alternative’ spaces!

• Robust, ‘360 degree’ competency venue scoring (facilities / sales & operations / culture & values)

Venue & Location Finding:

• Industry-leading technical & production support

• Latest lighting, sound & projection equipment

• Full Set Design & Build facility. Time-served teams.

• Enthusiasm for new technology, but grounded.

• A ‘can do’ attitude that you will seriously cherish.

Technical & Production:

• "The details" + meticulous documentation,

• Complete visibility / transparency.

• Enthusiastic but not arrogant

• Production Schedules thrive on good comms.

Clear process:

• Meticulous scheduling = met deadlines.

• Strict cost-control = delivery within budget.

• Detail & persistence + a smile in adversity!

• Decades of experience + flawless execution.

Logistics & Control

• Developing ‘the message’ is just part of the game.

• Delivering the message is what is critical.

• We can help with everything from writing the script … to rehearsing the language, tone, pitch and texture.

• Experience of putting ‘theatre’ into production

Speaker Coaching

• For an event / induction / the web / exhibition stand

• Training / cascade toolkits / Facilitators of DIY Video

• Every aspect of Pre & Post Production

• Storytellers with a flair for more that ‘video’!

Video / Film Production:

• Personal connections is critical & we have them!

• Keynote / Motivational Presenters & Facilitators.

• Access to ‘Off-the-circuit’ Senior Management

• After-dinner speakers / awards hosts / cabaret acts

• Entertainers of every capability and timbre.

Presenters & Entertainers:

• Transport / Voting / Badges / Food & drink +

• “People may not remember exactly what you did,
or what you said, but they will always remember
how you made them feel.”

• We live & breathe a service built on
Values, Expectations & Promises
… and we do it with care .

Delegate Handling:

• Leadership presence, but not ‘Voice of God.

• Real-World, Two-way communication.

• The Big ‘Deal’ (Employee Value Proposition’)

• Communicating Culture & Values.

• Internal (External) Brand.

• Measurement & 'Re-invention'

• Engaging the managerial cadre.

Internal Comms.

• We do not discuss projects publicly,
in detail, without client referral.

• Old & New case-histories can be found
on this website, but require a pass code.

• These are available via e-mail request.

• Access is on a strictly business confidential>
basis and restrictive terms apply.

• Please send alan@XPREZ.co.uk an e-mail request.

Case Histories

• Demonstrating exactly how a conference / event
has added value, across a business, will completely change
the quality of the conversation that can be had with leaders.
It will open up opportunities to push the agenda forward.

• Existing KPI’s + Quantitative + Qualitative Options

• Audience Feedback: demonstrate that they have been
listened to + their views have been considered / actioned.

Event Evaluation:

• We are committed to tackling the challenges
of sustainable development and operating
as a responsible corporate business.

• We aim to implement practices that promote
social & environmental responsibility and will
continuously seek to work with our clients to pursue,
promote and develop sustainable events …
without adding cost to the budget!

CSR / Environmental


Making Things Happen!

  • Cut through the ‘soft-n-fluffy’
  • Think ‘Big Picture’ and beyond!
  • Be Inspirational + Aspirational
  • Visualise 'new future' together
  • Empowered Guiding Coalition
  • Anticipation + sense of Urgency

Ideas into Action

  • Intrigue me: Make me Care
  • Inspire the case for change
  • Keep it Simple & Unexpected
  • Knowledge into Actions
  • Bridge ‘Tangible’ & ‘Abstract’
  • Credible Content + messenger

Active Involvement

  • Activate the change: Involve
  • Make Time (Change is a Choice)
  • The power of the narrative
  • Stories: Inside-Out & Outside-In
  • Visualise: Possible & Innovative
  • Sustain & ‘Socialise’ the change

WHY ... XPREZ Event Management?

BECAUSE: "We have walked in your shoes"

Results Driven
Category & Functional Expertise
Creative & Executional Excellence
'One of The Team'

'Why' & 'Because'

We have no time for: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Our offer is NOT a 'box of solutions' that are looking for a challenge!


You & your organisation can go as far as you can imagine.

If you can think beyond today's constraints, then you can go anywhere.

If you can
picture the way
things need to be,
then you can
determine the
next steps.

If it seems difficult,
or too much to change,
... then talk to us!
Let's find the best route, together
and we will support you,
every step of the way.